Torii Japan Gate Pop Up Card
100% laser cut and assembled
PopLife Pop-up card features iconic Japanese Torii
Card with precision design, quality materials, and thicker paper
Card measures 7.5 inches tall and 6 inches wide
Front cover of card with red color features Japanese Torii
Back cover of card with red color and printed PopLife logo
Made with imported paper from Italy and Japan
A Perfect Greeting Card for Special Occasions
A perfect card for special occasions
Authentic PopLife Card with Custome White Envelope
Torii Japan Gate Pop Up Card
PopLife Torii Japan Gate Pop Up Card

Torii Japan Gate Pop Up Card

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  • A perfect greeting card for lovers of Japan and historians alike!
  • Includes one blank 7.5” x 6” PopLife 3D Pop-Up card, and one custom envelope for gifting or sending in the mail.
  • The ultra slim profile of this card means the recipient will be simply AMAZED every time they open it.
  • Cut the anchor threads or tabs and use the pop-up as a standalone decoration or a one-of-a-kind Christmas ornament for your tree!
  • Finally, the card & gift for any occasion, from Thank You to Wedding - They’ll love it for years to come.


Aunt, Brother, Daughter, Father, Friend, Mother, Evergreen, Christians Hang a Wreath, Door Decor
  • The Torii Japan Gate pop up card features a stunning laser-cut cover with a scene of Torii Japan Gate cutout.
  • Handcrafted using only natural paper imported from Italy & Japan to create the most unforgettable experience.
  • Inside the intricate greeting card, a 3D colorful Torii Japan Gate pop-up.
  • The lovely deer and cherry blossom flower branch backdrop of this blank card is perfect for a thoughtful handwritten note to a loved one or dear friend.