🧐 Q: How do I get $10 pricing on cards?

A: Simple! Our $10 pricing promotion is a discount that is automatically added to checkout when you have 5 cards in your cart. Simply shop and enjoy the savings!

💌 Q: How much postage should I use to send a PopLife card?

A: Great question! If sending by regular USPS first class mail, we recommend you use $0.71 of postage (This includes the $0.21 rigid/non-machinable letter charge). If you don't have exact postage, you can just use two standard/forever stamps and that will cover it! 

✂️ Q: How are PopLife Cards made?

A: Magic! Just kidding, but we know it seems that way! First, the 3D object is designed using computer modeling software. Next, our designers translate this into "Sliceform Kirigami" and determine how and where it should be anchored to the card to open and close smoothly. With the design finished, the file is loaded onto a laser cut machine to cut the individual shapes of art paper. Lastly, the pieces are hand assembled by our skilled paper artisans and sewn or glued to the base. Voila! 

🎥 Q: Was PopLife on the Shark Tank TV show?

A: Nope! That was another company - PopLife (est. 2012) has been around since before those guys! We appreciate the boost in public awareness about pop-up cards, but unlike the other guys, PopLife is continues to stay focused on supporting local communities in Vietnam and creating a quality handicraft product with minimal carbon footprint.

🧐 Q: I have a great idea for a card, will you make it?

A: We might! Some of our best design ideas have come straight from our loyal PopLife customers! Share your idea here. If we use it, we'll send you some cards as a thank you!