What's PopLife all about?

The look on your loved one's face when they open a PopLife™ card is the surprise & joy you've always wanted to give them. It's a small gift that delights in a big way. It's a meaningful memento they'll cherish long past the occasion. This is what PopLife cards are all about.

Think of the last time you picked out a greeting card for someone special... Did you dread selecting from a wall of mundane cards, knowing the person you care for will simply throw it out after reading? With PopLife, cards are finally special again.

How special? Each of our cards are designed using precision 3D modeling software, laser cut, and then hand assembled by our skilled paper artisans in Vietnam. This modern technology-meets-craftsmanship has its roots in the tradition of kirigami (a cut paper art similar to origami) and classic pop-up book design.

Our Beginnings

Co-founders Phil and Roxy in Hoi An, Vietnam

​In 2012, co-founder of PopLife, Roxy, was living abroad in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam teaching English in public city schools when she discovered street-side artisans creating amazing works of art out of simple paper. Realizing there were no cards of this type or craftsmanship back in the US, she filled her suitcase with cards to bring home for family and friends. This was the beginning of PopLife™.

Since 2012, PopLife's cards have brought countless smiles and surprises to kids and adults alike. We're immensely proud of PopLife's origin in Vietnam and strive to support its local craftspeople with job opportunities and fair trade practices. This inspiration continues to be at our company's heart as we grow and share delight far-and-wide. 

PopLife Headquarters

2301 Panorama Ave
Boulder, CO 80304