PopLife Customization

PopLife prides itself on the ability to create custom card designs for clients. We collaborate with individuals to create custom pop-up cards for events, holiday parties, business gifts, and special announcements.  

There are two types of custom orders:
  • A: Customizing a pre-existing design
  • B: Creating your own unique pop-up 

Customization A: Customize A Pre-Existing Design

You can make changes to the following:
Add your own logo, text, or design to the front or inside of the card 

1) Laser-cut design 
2) Printed ink design 

MINIMUM ORDER: 200 cards 

Customization B: Create Your Own Unique Pop-up Card or Puzzle

How it works:  
1) Submit pictures and inspiration for your design 
2) Our designers will work their magic and we will send you a prototype 
3) Once you approve the design, we will begin production 

MINIMUM ORDER: 500 cards